Seven Teas

Good For The People. Good For The Planet.

This project was a significant undertaking and major overhaul. Essentially, I was entrusted to evolve the company's brand voice, solidify brand architecture, identify brand pillars, develop thoughtful marketing strategies, and provide quality creative direction that represented both the company’s high-quality teas and their core value propositions. Offering real brewed organic, fair-trade, non-GMO teas, Seven sets themselves apart by holding their business to the highest standard: crafting the best teas on the planet infused with a reverence for culture, tradition and community.


Seven Teas


Marketing Strategy + Creative Direction + Brand Architecture 


Seven’s overarching brand purpose is to make real connections by celebrating diversity, fostering creativity and uplifting the human spirit. Their unique product portfolio consists of distinct teas designed to reflect the land, culture, history and global traditions of its place of origin—each with unique benefits, flavors, colors and aromas. This became the foundation for all brand initiatives at every touchpoint: Seven provides an elevated yet accessible way to enjoy tea and tells a story with every sip.

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