Sacred Life

Sacred Life Campaign

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of GT's Living Foods, the company introduced a limited-edition kombucha, Sacred Life. This vibrant blue offering served as a living tribute to Mother Nature and the beautiful way in which all life on Her planet is interconnected—from the tiniest single-celled organisms to deepest ocean waters.


GT's Living Foods


Marketing Strategy + Creative Direction + Art Direction


Developed a cohesive visual and verbal communication strategy with 360 execution that celebrates the GT’s brand journey and honors all living things. Leveraged the Flower of Life–a universal cosmology symbol rooted in sacred geometry–as a visual anthem for this campaign, while the messaging was organized into three pillars: remember, reflect, and rejoice. For photo and video, blue hues were used to highlight the products unique coloration, which was also complimented by beach environments and ocean waters. Inspired campaign copy was crafted to be celebratory, reverent, and encourage action.

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